Auction Information

Join us on April 13, 2024 for our Spring Auction! Registration begins at 10:00am, and the Auction will begin at 11:00am. 



All buyers must register for a number before bidding. Buyer registration will be open for the duration of the auction. All items are tracked under that buyer number. Buyers must check out before leaving. 

All auction items become the buyer’s responsibility. Unclaimed or left items become property of MCAS. 

No refunds will be given. Disputes for items/animals must have a just-cause and must be made with registration immediately after purchase. We recommend inspecting anything you wish to bid on before bidding. 

Cash/Credit/Check for payments. Credit card fee will apply. 



All items must be aquarium hobby related. Freshwater and Saltwater fish are accepted. No poisonous or illegal animals. 

All items must be properly labeled with: 

(1) Seller’s name & phone number
(2) Common & Scientific Name
(3) Number of fish in the bag
(4) Sex of the fish

(Note: a pair is 1 male and 1 female and a spawning pair must have spawned with each other)

All items must be labeled with three letters and a number (i.e., ABC-1, ABC-2, etc). Check with registration before selecting the letters. Please mark all donations as DON. Unlabeled items will be considered donations. 

The 4-Color sticker system will be used. Colored stickers will be made available at the time of registration. The first color group will be selected before the start of the auction. No new auction items will be added to the color table upon the first item being sold. 

No minimum-bid items will be accepted. Once an item is entered, it may not be withdrawn. 

All aquarium & electrical equipment must be in good working order or labeled to its condition. No badly cracked or broken tanks will be accepted. Seller is solely responsible for mislabeled merchandise. 

Bag fish with ample air and water in proper fish bags. A re-bagging fee will be imposed if the fish is not properly bagged and/or there is leaking water. 

The auction committee reserves the right to reject any fish or equipment that is not fit for sale, i.e., sick, diseased, crossed species, deformed, badly damaged, cracked, or deemed not salvageable. 

Items that do not get a $1 bid will be considered a donation and sold in lots at the end of the auction. 

Seller’s proceeds will be sent within 60 days of the auction date via Huntington Bill Pay to the seller’s address collected upon check in. 


Club memberships will be available for purchase at the auction! 

Neither MCAS or Prince of Peace Lutheran Church will be held responsible for auction items or personal injury during the action or while on the auction site.