What is this?

If you have more inverts than you know what to do with this is for you!!

The IAP program allows for you to get recognized for your talents along with hopefully making some money on your hobby, we all know how expensive this hobby can get. So read the full rules on below and bring in your submissions to participate.

IAP submissions are auctioned off at our meeting. The club keeps $1 and you get the rest. We instituted a minimum bid for all submissions turned in  of $6.00. How this will work is bids start off at $6.00 and if we don’t get the initial $6.00 bid it’s up to the seller if they want to either take the inverts home or allow the bidding to continue at a lower price. Anyone turning in inverts for IAP points will still get the points even if you choose to take the inverts home and stop the bid process. No more “buck a bag” for that hard work you’ve put in. 

If you've raised something that you really don't want to sell we recently allow for you to now make turn ins without auctioning it off. Instead you are required to document the process including water parameters, food, origin of parents, and make a presentation on it at our November meeting. This doesn't have to be long but someone should both see your process and be able to replicate it. In addition, we require a short write up on the invert including a bit about their history and origin along with the above process to breed them. This is supposed to feel like a bit of work. The main reason the IAP was started was to "spread the wealth" and be able to share cool inverts among the club while recovering some of your cost. But if you have inverts that are just too expensive and you don't want to sell them at a club meeting you can meet these guidelines instead. 

Annual Points

Total Points

The Rules 

(1) One point per species and only established hybrids are allowed. Invasive, illegal or prohibited species on local, state or federal lists shall not be permitted.

(2) Spawning, hatching and raising of the invertebrate must take place in the aquarist’s tank.

(3) Points will be awarded to the member and the member must be in good standing.

(4) In case of a family membership, points will be awarded to the family only,

(5) Spawns must be presented to the BAP chairperson for permanent record and auction.

(6) Invertebrates must be properly bagged and clearly labeled with the scientific name, quantity, the aquarist’s name and the BAP number from the registration form.

(7) Offspring must be a minimum age of 60 days.

(8) Six (6) viable offspring must be submitted for IAP recognition.

(9) The IAP registration form must contain the invertebrates’ scientific name, which the aquarist is responsible to provide, as well as the aquarist’s name.

(10) In the event of an undescribed species (no scientific name), points will be awarded only if a reference can be made to a published photo and/or ID photo of the parents is retained in the IAP files.

(11) If any doubt exists of the identity of a submission to the B.A.P. the committee and/or committee chairperson may require further growth or to see the parents.

(12) Any disputes will be handled by the B.A.P. chairperson and the full committee.

(13) Animals may be reevaluated for approval by the full B.A.P. committee