Bowl Show


January - Cancelled

February - Angels & Discus

March - Labyrinth Fish

April - Rainbows & Killifish

May - Old World Cichlids

June - New World Cichlids

July - Live Bearers

August - Barbs, Danios, Rasboras

September - Plecos & Catfish

October - Invertebrates

November - Any Fishy

December -  No show

What are they?

A bowl show is an opportunity for you to bring in your wet pets. You take your dog on a walk, you show of your cats all over social media, but this is how you can show off your wet pets in person, outside your home (please no wet cats, dogs, or non-scheduled animals). Each month there is a category of fish or display. Bring in a small aquarium with at least one flat side and a lid along with water for your pet, and obviously a submission for the category. It costs $1 to enter each submission.

Oh and the best part, you can win money. You and your wet pet have the potential to turn that $1 into $15.

See above for the year’s schedule and below all rules and guidelines. Judges chosen from meeting attendee’s by the bowl show chair.

Annual points as of our March Meeting

The Rules

(1) Any member may enter their own wet pets by paying the fee of $1 per entry.

(2) All entries must be registered before the meeting begins using the provided numbers.

(3)  Registration form must be labeled with the scientific and common name and the aquarist’s name.

(4) Containers must have one clear flat side for judging, must be covered and not leak.

(5)  Entries shall be shown in a bare aquarium; unless a decorated class.  Marine is allowed calcareous substrate. Air stones and heaters are permitted.

(6) One entry per container unless divided properly; fish must be in the same class.  A pair class may be shown in one container.

(7)  Live entries will be judged by:

(A)  Conformation to species standards:

(i)  Color

(ii)  Health

(iii)  Quality (appearance)

(iv)  Deportment (how the fish shows)

(8)  An entry may be used only once in a bowl show season, January to December.

(9)  Points are awarded as follows:  One (1) point is given for each entry up to 3 per month with additional points for:

1st place = 5 points 2nd place = 4 points 3rd place = 3 points

(10)  At the end of each club year, high point members will receive an award or prize.

(11) Prize value or award will be determined by the committee with the Board of Directors   approval.

(12) The Bowl Show chairman reserves the right to change classes.

(13)  Fish may be brought in for discussion or identification; no fee for non-competitive displays.

(14)  Monthly cash prizes are based on how many contestants (individual members entering) there are, not how many entries. For a single contestant the first prize is $5. For 2 contestants first prize is $10 and second is $5. If there are three or more contestants the first prize is $15, the second prize is $10, and the third prize is $5.