Thank you to all our sponsors for all their support! Without them our club would not be the same!

330 Corals

330 Corals is a small business founded by a coral enthusiast, Bran Tenda. The business specializes in providing a wide variety of high-quality substainably sourced Corals for aquarium enthusiast and marine hobbyist.

Brian's passion for marine life and love of coral reefs inspired him to start 330 Corals as a way to share his knowledge and enthusiasm with others. He carefully selects each coral specimen for its beauty, health, and substainability, ensuring that customers receive only the best specimens for their aquariums.

With a commitment to ethical and environmentally friendly practices, 330 corals works closely with suppliers to ensure that all corals are responsibly harvested and handled with care. Brian also provides valuable information and resources to help customers properly care for their corals and create thriving marine ecosystems in their own homes.

330 Corals has quickly gained a reputation for exceptional quality and customer service, earning a loyal following of satisfied customers. Brian's dedication to providing top-notch products in expertise has made 330 Corals a trusted source for coral enthusiasts looking to enhance their aquariums with stunning and sustainable specimens.


We are a freshwater aquatic store; live plants, aquascaping, community fish, cichlids, & oddballs.


7916 Broadview Rd.

Broadview Hts. OH 44147-1202


Thursday - Saturday: 12:00pm - 8:00pm

Sunday: 12:00pm - 6:00pm

(440) 736-7442



Algae Barn

We think the best way to inspire people to protect our oceans is to help them observe, understand and learn from the magnificent creatures that inhabit them. That’s why at Algaebarn we produce premium aquacultured marine organisms that are sustainable and eco-friendly.

By providing quality live foods backed by scientific research, we aspire to improve the general health and longevity of ornamental fish. One day we hope to see all marine aquariums filled entirely with aquacultured organisms, thus reducing our hobby’s impact on natural marine environments. The best way to make that vision a reality is to start with the building blocks of all marine ecosystems; Zooplankton and Phytoplankton.

“Inspiring Passion Amongst Aquarists with a Vision for a Sustainable Future”

AlgaeBarn has partnered with multiple charities, foundations, and research institutions with goals to educate, protect and restore our oceans. As biologists, engineers, businessmen, and hobbyists ourselves, we are committed in educating the aquarium community to encourage the proper care of all marine life and to protect our precious blue planet.

In addition to caring for marine life, we promise to always treat people right by providing exceptional customer service and standing behind our products.


Aquarium Co-Op

At Aquarium Co-Op, we focus on your aquarium. 

We specialize in aquatic plants, freshwater tropical fish and supporting the freshwater fishkeeping community.

We’ve learned that our customers are environmentally friendly, price conscious and want high quality fish/products. Most would say that those three things are mutually exclusive. However with the support of our customers, we strive to meet these needs.

It is our philosophy that by combining our love of quality fish/products with locally bred fish and plants; we can create a fun, inviting and sustainable hobby for all to enjoy. We encourage you to come explore Aquarium Co-Op.

Retail Store Address
9661 Firdale Ave
Edmonds, WA 98020

Monday - Friday: 11:00am - 7:00pm
Saturday - Sunday: 10:00am - 7:00pm


Aquarium Co Op YouTube Page

Aquatica Aquarium Gallery

Northeast Ohio’s largest and most innovative Aquarium Specialty and Tropical Fish Store. We are located just south of Cleveland and north of Akron in Valley City, Ohio. Aquatica is home to thousands of fish, both freshwater and saltwater and live corals. We have hundreds of products in stock every day including rare and hard to find aquatic plumbing parts. Our mission is to provide each of our customers with a unique experience they deserve by extending our knowledge and love for the hobby to them. Stop in and experience a fish store like nothing you’ve ever seen before! 

Aquatica Aquarium Gallery specializes in everything relating to our wonderful passion. We have the largest selection of African Cichlids under one roof in the state of Ohio and compliment that with a huge selection of other freshwater fish such as Angelfish, Discus, Livebearers, Catfish, Shrimp and more. We have a large selection of live freshwater plants as well. Need other decorations? We have those, too! 

6653 Grafton Rd
Valley City, OH 44280

Thursday & Friday: 12:00pm – 6:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 12:00pm – 5:00pm

(330) 866-0559

Baskets Galore

Award-winning gift company specializing in gifts and packaging for every business or personal need!

Since 2003, Baskets Galore has helped consumers and corporations with all of their gifting needs including touch gifts, sales and marketing gifts, sympathy, get well, baby, birthday and more. We ship nationwide. 

Whether it’s one gift or a thousand, Baskets Galore always provides that “special touch” you need to impress your clients, connect with your customers, grow your business or surprise a loved-one. 

95 Pearl Road (enter on Skyview Drive)
Brunswick, Ohio 44212

Monday - Friday: 12:00pm - 6:00pm
Saturday: 10:00am - 3:00pm

(330) 220-0088

Blue Life USA

Blue Life USA’s goal is to make easy to use products of extraordinary quality. We promote education and research to make the hobby more fulfilling.

Blue Life USA’s management team is comprised of Industry professionals and hobbyists, each with “hand’s on” experience with aquariums. We create products that we not only sell, but we use in our own aquariums. All products are extensively tested by scientist, veterinarians and marine biologists to ensure quality and safety.

Blue Life USA is committed to provide the aquarium industry with products you need, and products you can trust.


Boyd Enterprises 

ChemiPure, Reef Aquaria Design, & Jellyfish Art

Boyd Enterprises brings to every product a tradition of innovation and quality. For over 50 years Boyd Enterprises has created some of the finest fish and aquarium products available. Boyd products include marine and freshwater products, water conditioning and filtration media, algae and phosphate removers, marine and freshwater fish foods, all natural vitamins, reef and coral products and marine and fresh water environmental stabilizing products. Boyd Chemi Pure is a superior filter medium for fresh, reef and marine aquariums that keeps the water pH balanced and constant, removes dissolved organics that can cause cloudy water, improves fish appetite, filters out coppers and other harmful metals, and helps mimic a natural environment for your fish. Boyd Vita Chem fish food has numerous benefits for your fish, including increased growth and resistance to disease, restored appetite and natural vitality, and amazingly intense natural colors.

Jeff Turner owns three A list companies in the aquarium industry – Chemi-pure, Reef Aquaria Design (RAD), and Jellyfish Art. Over the years, all three companies have worked together to create some of the most functional, unique, and high quality custom aquariums around the globe. Be it a Reef, Jellyfish, African Cichlid, Discus, or even a 10-gallon Nano aquarium, our products have proven to work perfectly for 60 years.

3510 NW 53rd St
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Monday-Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

1 (855)  655-2100

Reef Aquaria Design
1 (800) 596-0862
Email Reef Aquaria Design

Jellyfish Art
1 (844) 535-5900

Bulk Reef Supply

Quality Saltwater Aquarium Supplies with Expert Advice

We want to make reefing fun and easy. That's why we provide expert reefing knowledge and quality saltwater aquarium products. From saltwater tanks with clownfish and anemones to full-blown reef tanks, Bulk Reef Supply has your reefing needs covered.


Bulk Reef Supply YouTube Page


Manufacturing porous, high surface-area ceramic structures that eliminate ammonia and reduce nitrates located in Buffalo, New York.

A History of Success
Located in Buffalo, New York since 2009, CerMedia LLC manufactures high surface area ceramic structures that are ideal hosts for beneficial bacteria that can eliminate ammonia and nitrites and reduce nitrates for aquariums, ponds, and aquaculture.  The ceramic media can also be used to treat industrial wastewater and waste gas.

With the unique combination of vast amounts of surface area and endless interconnected pores, “Thin Bio-Film Technology”, our ceramic media promotes the growth of bacteria, boosting ammonia and nitrate removal from nano tanks to large public aquariums (read about MarinePure), and targeting volatile organic compounds and inorganic contaminants such as hydrogen sulfide when used in industrial applications (read about BioVast).

P.O. Box 600
66 River Rock Dr.
Buffalo, NY 14207

(716) 549-6600


Our team is based out of Santa Barbara, California. We’re a group of industry friends and innovators with a passion for aquariums — which means we use the products just like you do. From our signature Flipper Cleaner that keeps your tank clean and your hands dry, to our DeepSee Viewer and Platinum Scraper, we’re here to make your hobby easier and more rewarding. 

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality products for your aquarium needs, and we welcome your feedback!


Florida Aquatic Nurseries

Florida Aquatic Nurseries is a Family-operated specialty nursery providing plants for aquariums & water gardens since 1957. 

Florida Aquatic Nurseries was founded in 1957 by Dr. William McLane. With enthusiasm for growing aquatic plants, McLane developed his knowledge and expertise from that of a hobbyist to America’s leading producer of aquarium plants.  After his passing in 1972, Dr. McLane’s sons, Brad and Bruce, took over the aquarium plant business. 

F.A.N. has made history as one of the first aquarium plant growers to develop and patent new, colorful and highly desirable cultivars of various aquarium plant species. As we enter the new millennium, look for Florida Aquatic Nurseries to continue to bring to market the latest in high quality aquatic plants for both aquariums and water gardens. 

2400 SW 154th Ave.
Davie, FL 33326

(954) 472-5120


GloFish® fluorescent fish come in a variety of species and colors of tropical fish. From bettas and danios to tetras, barbs and even sharks - all are brilliant under white LEDs and their color dazzles under blue LEDs!

GloFish® fluorescent fish are exclusively licensed by GloFish LLC. The GloFish Brand was founded in 2001 by Alan Blake and Richard Crockett with the goal of providing the first ever fluorescent fish to the aquarium market. In late 2003, after two and a half years of extensive environmental research and consultation with various Federal and State agencies, as well as leading experts in the field of risk assessment, GloFish® caused quite a “splash” when they became available to the public. Since that time, we have worked tirelessly to make our fish available, and we have been proud to offer them to consumers across the United States.

Att: Goldfish Spectrum Brands Pet, LLC
3001 Commerce St.
Blacksburg, VA 24060

1 (800) GLOFISH
Monday-Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Send GloFish a Message

Great Lakes Fish & Coral

Founded in 2021, our storefront proudly serves the reef and aquarium enthusiasts of Northeast Ohio and we look forward to growing with the community. Great Lakes Fish and Coral is a small business entirely comprised and run by passionate hobbyists who truly care about the animals we look after.

With so much passion for aquatic life, our mission at Great Lakes Fish and Coral is simple, share in the joy this hobby brings so many, while at the same time minimizing impact on natural habitats by focusing on Aquaculture and Captive-bred animals.

953 E Aurora Road
Macedonia, Ohio 44056

Monday - Tuesday: 11:00am - 7:00pm
Thursday - Friday: 11:00am - 7:00pm
Saturday - Sunday: 11:00am - 5:00pm

(330) 748-2000

Reef Culture

All Medina County Aquarium Society Members receive 10% livestock. 

181 Northfield Rd
Bedford, OH 44146

By appointment only

(440) 782-1811

Reef Nutrition

Reef Nutrition is owned and operated by Reed Mariculture, the world's largest producer of marine microalgae concentrates. Our Instant Algae® larviculture feeds are used by over 500 hatcheries, universities, and marine ornamental operations in more than 70 countries around the world. We also produce zooplankton, copepods, and weaning feeds.

Reef Nutrition products are closer to nature than any other feeds on the market. We produce whole-cell, whole-food microalgae feeds and enrichments from marine algae using proprietary processes.

Since last century, Reef Nutrition's parent company, Reed Mariculture has been providing commercial fish, bivalve and shrimp hatcheries with clean, convenient, long shelf-life feeds. Reed Mariculture feeds have proven to be the superior choice to replace or supplement live microalgae to ensure stable and rapidly-reproducing rotifer populations that offer rich nutritional value.

As a family-run and owned business, Reef Nutrition and Reed Mariculture take pride in our customer service and technical support. In addition to our wide assortment of feeds and our expertise in growing microalgae, we also provide rotifer starter cultures (10 million to over 1 billion rotifers) and the support and materials necessary for customers growing their own cultures.

Mailing Address
Reed Mariculture Inc.
900 E Hamilton Ave, Suite 100
Campbell, CA 95008

Monday - Friday: 8am to 5pm (Pacific Time) 

888-511-REEF (7333)

Saltwater Aquarium.com

Our story started in April 2011, I wanted to buy an Ecotech Marine MP40 for my first saltwater aquarium. It was an Oceanic 42 Hexagon that I still have today. The pump was like $400 and that was WAY WAY over my budget. I thought my better half would have killed me if I spent that much on a pump to just move water. So I called up Ecotech an opened a wholesale account.  Back then not very many people were selling MP40’s and there were a lot less restrictions. They were nice enough to give me a shot, so I bought 3 pumps. I put one on my tank and dropped the other 2 on eBay to make a quick buck. I had sold golf clubs and some other collectibles on eBay so I knew that pretty well. Little did I know what would happen next would change my life forever.

I went to work the next morning as normal. 9-5 in a 6’ by 6’ cubicle. I spent 15 years of my life in that cubicle in the end. It was a great job but I was inside all day on my butt.  Growing up a dairy farmers son, I didn't know what to expect.  That morning I got a popup/email from eBay, “Ship your Products Now!” and I was like WTF? Then I remembered, the pumps. So I rushed home at lunch packed them up on my lunch break, took them to the local post office and shipped them out.

Later that day I was sitting in that cubicle thinking, man that was easy so I bought 6x more pumps from Ecotech. Long story short, they sold over a weekend and I was hooked, line and sinker.  Not only was I selling stuff I loved, it was fun and I was making a few bucks and I had a REALLY COOL FISH TANK at home!  Kinda the point.  From there I found the domain name SaltwaterAquarium.com up for auction and won the bid. Having a degree in computer science and being a computer gaming dork all my life, World of Warcraft Ret Paladins FTW,  I found my new game and here we are today, still grinding for XP.

12 years and a hundred million dollars in sales later I’m doing what I love, helping customers have REALLY COOL fish tanks, having fun and providing our customers a great service where they can get their aquarium supplies FAST, FREE and from a trusted source where they know if they have an problem we have their back.  Thank you for Shopping Small Family Owned Business!

1685 Fairfield Road
Suite C
Gettysburg, PA 17325

Call us: 888-700-1012
Text us: 717-804-4783


The success story of sera began more than four decades ago: Josef Ravnak - who already had gained excellent reputation with the selling live food for aquariums -, founded his own company in 1970. He first worked as a one man enterprise and developed the company into a leading supplier within the aquarium, pond and terrarium industry step by step.

Today, the family managed enterprise rich in tradition distributes their high quality food, care and technical products in more than 80 countries and has subsidiaries on almost all continents. Besides the company headquarter in Heinsberg/Germany, sera has further subsidiaries in the USA, France, Italy, the Czech Republic and China. The company has over 200 employees worldwide.

+49 (0) 2452 / 912615


We here at TankStop are not only extremely passionate about our business and providing the healthiest saltwater fish, coral and inverts online, but we are also extremely dedicated hobbyists.

TankStop was started by leaders in the live fish and coral industry. With decades of combined experience in the industry, we only work with the best sources for live fish and coral.

Before starting TankStop the founders have had a long standing relationship with each other and everything finally aligned for us to all work together on the site.

We each have our own areas of expertise that complement each other and will allow TankStop to become the best source for both livestock and aquarium supplies.

Having owned large livestock distribution companies in the past has given TankStop the type of connections for fish, coral and supplies that is unparalleled. We simply have access to every type of fish and coral out there.

Our sister site Among The Reef was started years ago to be the premier source for extremely high end collector’s saltwater fish and coral. Over the years we have built an impeccable reputation for being the most trusted source for finding healthy top tier livestock.

We have also started and run high traffic and high sales volume websites over the past 15 years. Our background is in high level software architecture, making sure TankStop is easy to navigate and extremely responsive.

TankStop also only works with the World’s best providers of livestock, so we have full trust in telling our customers that our livestock is amongst the healthiest, if not the healthiest, livestock available online.

TankStop in the end is a site for hobbyists run by hobbyists…

(844) 346-FISH (3474)
Contact TankStop

Tidal Gardens

Tidal Gardens is a coral reef aquaculture business located in Copley, OH. Through propagation, we supply high quality aquacultured hard corals, soft corals, mushrooms, polyps, zoanthids, and gorgonians to reef aquarists with little to no impact on the natural reefs. 

Reef aquarium keeping is a growing passion for many people. A reef tank allows us to view, in our own homes, a myriad of beautiful life forms that others can only dream of. Nowhere else on earth will you find such a diverse array of shapes and colors as you will on a coral reef. For many, a reef aquarium provides a window to an underwater world they may never see in person. 

The goal of Tidal Gardens is to offer the highest quality corals to those seeking a piece of that world without destroying it. We hope to instill a deep appreciation for the natural reefs and help develop a self sustaining hobby that no longer requires the collection of fish and corals. We sell corals locally on an appointment basis as well as online through this website.

6440 Copley Road
Copley, Ohio 44321

Pickups by Appointment Only

(330) 212-2565

Tidal Gardens YouTube Page

Zoo Med Laboratories

Here at Zoo Med, animals are our passion, and for 41 years we have made it our mission to supply the very best in exotic pet foods, reptile products, and reptile habitats. As a company made up of reptile hobbyists, we strive to provide the supplies and knowledge needed to successfully care for reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects and other exotic pets to keep them happy and healthy. 

Make zoomed.com your top resource for Care Sheets, UVB and Heat Lighting Guides, Reptile Substrate/Impaction Guides, Reptile Show Dates and more! Check our Social Media as well for the latest product releases, educational videos, and cute pictures of our baby animals! 

3650 Sacramento Drive
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 

Office Hours
Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm PST

1 (888) 496-6633