2024 Monthly Meetings

July 2024

Fishy BINGO!

August 2024

MCAS Summer Picnic

Join us on August 10 for our annual summer picnic! Visit the newsletter for more information

May 2024

Journey Through the World of Goodeids and other Rare Livebearers

Presented By: Mike Howe from the Fish Tank Barn

June 2024

How to Successfully Breed Harlequin Shrimp

Presented By: Greg Smith (the Little)

March 2024

From Passion to Profit: Navigating the Waters of Turning Your Aquarium Hobby into a Successful Business

Presented By: Tanner Vermule

April 2024

Making Waves: The Ultimate Guide to Success in Aquarium Auctions 

Presented By: Leeza & Tony Dempsey

January 2024

Our January meeting was cancelled due to weather.

February 2024

Discus: from Wild to Captive Bred, Care, and Breeding Attempts

Presented By: Brian Shrimpton