Monthly Meeting Topics

Due to low readership levels the board voted to go to a less than monthly newsletter in March of 2023. Look here to checkout our newest newsletter and monthly updates regarding our meeting topics. All the information normally in the newsletter can now be found on the website!

July 2023


Join us on July 14 for Fishy BINGO. There will be plenty of prizes to go around!

August 2023

Annual Picnic

Join us at Tidal Gardens for our annual picnic on Saturday August 12. The Picnic will begin at 1:00 PM and will be at Tidal Gardens 3440 Copley Rd, Copley, OH 44321. Please park next door at the Covenant of Grace Church because parking is very limited, 3400 Copley Rd, Copley, OH 44321.

Please bring a side dish or dessert to share. 

RSVP here.

May 2023

Summer Tubbing

Join us on May 12 for a talk on using outdoor temporary tubs for culturing fish and plants! A great way to breed quite a bit, see a more natural setup, and to prep some more fish for selling at fall auctions! Check back closer to the event for more info.

June 2023

Salt Water Aquarium Lighting

April 2023


With Lindsay Millhorn

Join us at the Medina County Aquarium Society on April 14th for our monthly meeting to learn everything you need to know about AXOLOTLS! From keeping, breeding, feeding, and general species information, you will learn everything there is to know about them and a whole 'lotl more! Check out this meeting for a cool aspect of the hobby gaining a lot of traction. Join us at 7pm at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Medina.

March 2023

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February 2022

Our January meeting was cancelled due to weather.

January 2023